Wednesday, February 5, 2014

black shades

Hi again!  Nothing to do in this lazy noon so, I decided to updating my blog and posting my first outfit post in february . I take this picture at the same time with my previous post. Quite a long time to post, huh? Too lazy to update my blog (no wonder I’m still in amateur level). Back to my outfit post, I paired my black crop top with embellished blue skirt and wear it with black sneakers. In this picture,  I only wear one necklace. Actually I’m kind of accessories freak-type. Lately, I rarely wear a lot of bracelet and ring. Anyway, hope you have a great Wednesday! Till the next post! 



   Top&Skirt - pull&bear
 clutch - mno.logie
 necklace - (X)SML
shoes - pull&bear
eyewear - forever21

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